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Learn Legal Accounting using PCLaw or CosmoLex Legal Accounting software

Partner, clerk, bookkeeper, interested in learning Legal Accounting using PClaw or CosmoLex bookkeeping software? 

Our Legal Bookkeeper training program will teach the proper procedures for Legal Accounting in Ontario. This includes studying the PCLaw or CosmoLex Bookkeeping software application in addition to the Law Society of Ontario and Canada Revenue Agency compliance requirements. 

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Module 1

Introduction to PCLaw

An introduction to the PCLaw or CosmoLex software. Learn how to post time, expenses and various entries while navigating several layers of the program.

Pen on top of calculator, on top of accounting journal notes; glasses in the background on same accounting journal

Module 2

Legal Accounting Fundamentals

This module covers accounting fundamentals according to GAAP, in addition to Law Society of Ontario and Canada Revenue Agency requirements for lawyers.

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Module 3

From Data Entry to Reconciliation

Get practical experience through study and practice exercises. Lessons include bank reconciliations and cover the accounting cycle up to the Trial Balance.


Our PCLaw Bookkeeper training course was created by Keith Hill and is CPD accredited for 9 hours of Professionalism Content by the Law Society of Ontario.

Keith has utilized his 10+ years of experience as a Legal Bookkeeper, his work as a former professor of Legal Accounting at George Brown College and his training received to become a PCLaw  and CosmoLex Certified Partner, to create a course that is in-depth, and easy to follow.

Customized PCLaw or CosmoLex Bookkeeping training is also available. Contact us for more info.


”I really enjoyed the course, I thought you were very thorough and covered a lot of material in your lectures while still being easy to understand and to learn."
– A. Rea



Legal Accounting and PCLaw/CosmoLex Bookkeeping online training course

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