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Legal Accounting Online Training Course

Using CosmoLex or PCLaw

Are you experienced in general bookkeeping and comfortable with its fundamentals? Are you interested in broadening your skill set by moving into the specialized area of legal accounting?

If so, our Legal Accounting Training Course is specifically designed with you in mind!

Learn essential skills in key areas

Trust and Matter-Centric Accounting

Gain an understanding of how to handle financial transactions related to legal cases or matters

Legal Accounting Compliance Standards

Uncover the Law Society and Governmental regulations that relate to law firms.

Practice Management Software Functions

Learn software features: Billing, Reconciliations, Retainer Management, Disbursements, etc.


About the Course

Our Legal Accounting training course was designed by Keith Hill, a seasoned Legal Bookkeeper. Keith has utilized his 15+ years of experience as a Legal Bookkeeper, his work as a former professor of Legal Accounting, and his education to become both CosmoLex Certified and PCLaw Certified to create a course that is in-depth, and easy to follow.

This program doesn't just teach you the theory of Legal Accounting it also ensures real-world practical application. You'll leave not only knowing how to use your choice of practice management software efficiently but also understanding the subtleties of legal accounting that are essential in a law firm setting. 

Our program is CPD accredited for Professionalism Content by the Law Society of Ontario, underscoring its adherence to professional standards.

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Join our Learn Legal Accounting Course and become proficient in the field of legal accounting!

Course Includes

Downloadable Course Material

Our downloadable content facilitates continuous learning and easy referencing.

End-of-Module Assessments

Quizzes at the end of each module help confirm and reinforce your learning.

Community Access

Engage with fellow learners, get community support, and networking opportunities.

College level training

Course content provides theoretical knowledge and practical skills,

Certificate of Completion

Receive a certificate as a testament to your newly acquired skills and knowledge.

Lifetime Access to Content

Unlimited access to current and updated course material.

Course Requirements

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Complete a pre-course assessment before course commencement to ensure alignment of the course with your current skill level.

Familiarity with general bookkeeping principles is recommended for a smooth transition into the specifics of legal accounting.

A reliable computer with internet access is necessary to engage with the online course material and software applications.

A commitment to completing the course in a timely manner, maintaining momentum ensures you fully benefit from the learning experience.

Active participation. Engage actively in all course components, including assessments for optimal learning.


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What Students Are Saying

Steve M. 

I highly recommend Keith's legal bookkeeping course to anyone wanting to learn the proper utilization of PCLaw and ensuring compliance with the LSO and CRA at the same time.  His course is detailed and progressive in its build up and flows well.  He summarizes it with a practical hands on session where you work through what you have learned which is great.  Keith is a great instructor as demonstrated through his session, expansive experience and interactive approach. 

My daughter and I have taken your bookkeeping modules...which were very informative and relevant. 

S. Sawison 

Just taking this opportunity to thank you. Great course content and you deliver it very well.

R. Khan

A. Rea 

I really enjoyed the course, I thought you were very thorough and covered a lot of material in your lectures while still being easy to understand and to learn.


About Your Instructor - Keith Hill Jr.

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Keith's journey in bookkeeping which has led to this legal accounting training course began in 2005 at BMCC College in NYC, where he studied accounting and finance. Balancing studies with personal responsibilities, he freelanced as a bookkeeper, frequently travelling between Toronto and NYC. This period laid the groundwork for his deep understanding of the field.


In 2012, Keith transitioned from general bookkeeping to help launch and manage a legal bookkeeping company in Toronto. By 2019, armed with a wealth of experience and a clear vision, Keith launched 'Bookkeeping Matters' a company that has since become a trusted legal bookkeeping partner for law firms stretching from Ontario, Canada to California.


Keith's commitment to legal bookkeeping extends to education. He has served as a Professor of Legal Accounting at George Brown College. This role refined his passion for teaching and his skills for creating effective training materials.


Also a CosmoLex and PCLaw certified partner, Keith contributes regularly as a writer to “TLOMA Today”, the publication of The Law Office Management Association, showcasing his knowledge in the field.

His “Learn Legal Accounting Introductory Course” reflects his professional journey, and offers a practical curriculum tailored for real-world application and accelerated learning. This course is a unique opportunity to gain insights from Keith's extensive experience in the world of legal accounting.

Enjoy the Convenience of an Online Course

Learn at your own pace and on your schedule.

Learn in the comfort of your environment.

Learn from anywhere - home, office, or wherever!

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